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Do you want to move from just surviving to thriving? If so, let's go!!

Our Services

We provide services through a comprehensive framework that includes Human Capital Strategy, LifeStyle Management and  Goal Attainment Group Coaching. Our services are designed to be used together or independently. Each service is designed to support forward motion in the pivotal areas of your life. Intentional living professionally and/or privately involves having a plan, focused execution, and accountability.

Our offerings are designed to:

  1. Challenge your thinking

  2. Help you explore modifying your paradigms, assumptions, and/or actions.

  3. Provoke you to innovate in a way that creates value in your business, career, or life.

Human Capital Strategy

This service is designed to assist businesses in creating systems, procedures and processes that will allow them to successfully scale their businesses. While the management of human resources isn’t rocket science, so many businesses still get it wrong. This service allows you to leverage the concept of fractional HR support. It allows you to have access to tenured HR professionals at a fraction of the cost. Our service offerings include: -Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Workshops -Performance Management Design -Employee Relations Support -HR Compliance -Open Enrollment Process Management -Values & Culture Development -Onboarding Support

Life Coaching (Goal Attainment/Stress Management)

The goal with this service is to work with you to help you achieve goals, overcome obstacles and/or make shifts in your life. My coaching sessions are highly customized to accommodate the needs of my clients. Cookie cutter solutions do not work for the people that I serve. My role is multi-pronged as a life coach. I am here to: -help you focus, -provide direction, -challenge you, -support you, -motivate you, -celebrate you -assist you in obtaining a higher quality of life.

LifeStyle Management -(Virtual Organization)

This service is structured to provide a combination of coaching, support and accountability. It is ideal for women who have accumulated items and possessions that are no longer serving them. These items may be getting in the way of their space being the sanctuary that they need. This service is highly customized and therefore only a few slots are available. Clients using this package, have received assistance on things like: -Home Office Organization -Creating a Home Command Center -Pantry Organization -Linen Closet Refresh -System for processing your mail -Closet Organization -Memorabilia Display Set Up

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Growing up I was focused on pursuing a career in Corporate America. But after 20+ years of working as a HR Professional in the Financial Services industry, I found myself asking, “Is this it?” I was unfulfilled and unhappy. I was determined to build a life where I could show up unapologetically and be authentic. I now create plans & processes that help my clients move from surviving to thriving. 

-Sonya Hopson, CEO of Sage Services Group

"It is with great joy that I provide this recommendation for Jamie Bennett and The Lifestyle Group. Over the last several years, Jamie has been an instrumental part in the growth and development of Sage. Her support started with providing us with the basic processes for HR.   Once our team started to grow, her support transitioned to helping us clarify the culture of Sage. Now she is helping us ensure or processes and operations live up to the culture we talk about about.  At each step of growth, she boldly (and respectfully) tells me when the emperor has no clothes on. I embrace, welcome and encourage her to keep telling me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear.  Every organization needs to have someone like her around the corporate table.  "


A Federal Government Contractor

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